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摘要: 写作(共3套)第一套:The Importance of Having a Sense of Social ResponsibilityAs we all know, responsibility is one of the most basic qualities. If we give up the responsibility, we are equal to give ...

The Importance of Having a Sense of Social Responsibility
As we all know, responsibility is one of the most basic qualities. If we give up the responsibility, we are equal to give up the whole world. As far as I am concerned, we should have a high sense of responsibility to become an upright person.
How can we cultivate social responsibility? To start with, children should be taught about good moral outlooks, so that when they grow up, they will become law-abiding and responsible citizens. Furthermore, the humanistic education is vital, especially for us university students because we are the future pillars of our country. Last but not least, it is necessary to encourage people to care for others, help others through all kinds of propaganda, because each individual is closely related to and bears obligations to others.
If all the citizens have a sound sense of social responsibility, it is hopeful that the world will enjoy a better future. Therefore, let's take our social responsibility and contribute to our society.

The Importance of Having a Sense of Family Responsibility
Home is a warm harbor for every family member. It brings us warmth, and gives us strength over the long course of our lives. While enjoying the benefits of the family, everyone should have a sense of family responsibility and contribute to the happiness of the family life.
To begin with, as a member of the family, everyone is obliged to take on family responsibilities. Secondly, by taking family responsibilities, the relationship between family members can be strengthened, thus a harmonious family can be created, which can make each family member feel a sense of belonging. A good growing environment will influence one’s psychological development and ultimately one’s personal development. More than that, each person with a good sense of family responsibility will develop a good sense of social responsibility, which will do good to our society.
To sum up, it is of great importance for everyone to have a sense of family responsibility, not only in that it strengthens family bond, thus do good to one’s personal development, but that it is beneficial to the social development. So, my dear friends, please take an active part in your family responsibilities!

The Importance of Having a Sense of Community Responsibility
We all live in community. Community responsibility is an individual's duty or obligation to the community, which includes cooperation, respect and participation. The concept goes beyond thinking and acting as individuals to common beliefs about shared interests. With the development of society and interpersonal communication, it has gradually become a basic requirement for everyone.
In my opinion, the sense of community responsibility is equally important to the development of community and the growth of individuals. As a college student, the sense of community responsibility means that we should give priority to the interests of the our school and class. If everyone takes on our own responsibilities, we can not only make our school better, but also improve our moral standard. As a citizen, we should pay more attention to the collective interests and exercise our obligations as citizens, such as participating in community voting and promoting environmental protection, etc. If everyone contributes our part, everything around us will become better.
 All in all, all of us should assume our community responsibilities, take the collective interests first and think more about others. Only in this way, will social development be more smooth and the relationship between people become more harmonious. 


Section A: 1-8
1. D) Features editor.
2. C) Answering daily emails.
3. B) It is fascinating.
4. A) Her persistence.
5. A) It is enjoyable.
6. D) It is written, directed, edited and produced by Frankie himself.
7. D) Download and watch it.
8. B) It has been showing for over a decade.
Section B: 9-15
9. C) They need to keep moving to avoid getting hurt.
10. A) They do not have many years to live after retirement.
11. A) It prevents us from worrying.
12. B) It wanders for almost half of their waking time.
13. A) To find how happiness relates to daydreaming.
14. C) It contributes to their creativity
15. D) Daydreamers did better than non-daydreamers in task performance.
Section C: 16-25
16. D) They are in worsening condition.
17. C) They are without foundations.
18. C) Timber was abundant in Scandinavia.
19. D) Abilities of human babies.
20. A) They can distinguish a happy tune from a sad one.
21. B) Babies emotions.
22. B) It may hinder individual career advancement.
23. C) They may find it hard to get their contributions recognized.
24. A) They can enlarge their professional circle.
25. B) It may prevent making a timely decision.

Section A: 1-8
1. A) It focuses exclusively on jazz.
2. B) Its market has now shrunk.
3. A) Its definition is varied and complicated.
4. C) Listen to them yourself.
5. D) She went to the bank.
6. B) Her credit history was considered poor.  
7. C) Start her own business.   
8. C) Build up her own finances step by step.  
Section B: 9-15
9. C) It is small and unconventional.
10. D) Their wish to set a new farming standard.
11. D) It loosens soil while seeding.
12. A) It has turned certain insects into a new food source.
13. B) It was a pleasant surprise.
14. C) They contain more protein than conventional meats.
15. A) It is environmentally friendly.
Section C: 16-25
16. D) To see if they are inherent traits affecting learning.17. A) It was defective.18. A) Auditory aids are as important as visual aids.
19. D) Not spending enough time on family life and leisure.
20. A) People would be working only fifteen hours a week now.
21. C) Deterioration of workers’mental health.
22. C) It has become something of a joke among Germans.
23. B) The city had just been reunified.
24. D) Problems of different kinds kept popping up.
25. C) Huge maintenance costs accumulate.


When considering risk factors associated with serious chronic diseases开头
26-30  GJEAL   31-35   BOCDN
26. G) detrimental
27. J) indulging
28. E) deficits
29. A) assessed
30. L) rapidly
31. B) assigned
32. O) similar
33. C) consequences
34. D) conspicuously
35. N) regularly
Increased Screen Time and Wellbeing Decline in Youth
Passage One—The dangerous thing about lying开头
46-50 ADBBB
46. A) It shows they have the ability to view complex situations from different angles.
47. D) It involves lots of sophisticated mental activity.
48. B) When they face too much peer pressure.
49. B) When they are under watchful eyes.
50. B) They will tell bigger lies.
Passage Two—Here is how....开头
51-55 CADBC
51. C)  A massive natural catastrophe
52. A)  To prepare people for a major earthquake and tsunami
53. D)  Enormous stress is released
54. B)  Reducing casualties in the event of a disaster
55. C)  Its occurrence is just a matter of time

The persistent开头  
26. K) prematurely
27. C) determine
28. N) synonymous
29. M) switching
30. D) generated
31. I) particles
32. H) opting
33. J) peak
34. O) trend
35. L) simply
How much protein do you really want?36-45 CEAFM GBHDL
Passage One—Last year开头(态度的重要性)
46-50 CAADB
46. C) It determines how we respond to our immediate environment.
47. A) Their idols’ behaviors.
48. A) They may not suggest how a person is going to behave.
49. D) They lack willpower.
50. B) Starting to act in a way that embodies one’s aspirations.
Passage Two——Industrial fishing for krill开头
51-55  CBADC
51. C) It was carried out too close to the habitats of penguins and whales
52. B) To establish conservation areas in the Antarctic region.
53. A) Opting to operate away from the suggested conservation areas.
54. D) Sustain fishing without damaging the Antarctic ecosystem.
55. C) A provider of the needed expertise.

The number of开头
26-30  ELHAJ        
31-35  BIDFK
26. E) circumstances      
27. L) lonely
28. H) consciousness
29. A) alleviate
30. J) excluded
31. B) apparently
32. I) desires
33. D) associated
34. F) competitive
35. K) feature
Why More Farmers Are Switching to Grass-Fed Meat and Dairy36-45 FCJDG AIEBK
Passage One—Schools are not just开头
46-50   BBDAC 
46. B) Protect students from social pressures and enable them to face the world.
47. B) They widen the gap between privileged and disadvantaged students.
48. D) Activities involving all students on campus.
49. A) They want their children to participate even though they don’t see much benefit.
50. C) Avoiding creating new gaps among students.
Passage Two—Rising temperatures and overfishing开头
51-55 ACDAD
51. A) King penguins in the Antarctic will be on the verge of dying out.
52. C) Industrial fishing and climate change in the Antarctic region in recent years.
53. D) The majority of them may have to find new breeding grounds in the future.
54. A) Many baby king penguins can’t have food in time.
55. D) Only a few of its islands can serve as huge breeding grounds for king penguins.


The peony, with its rich colors and elegant images, symbolizes peace and prosperity and is known as the "king of flowers" in China. Peony is cultivated in many parts of China. For thousands of years, many poems and paintings have been created in praise of peonies. During the Tang Dynasty, peonies were widely planted in the imperial gardens and known as the national flower, so they were very popular. In the 10th century, the ancient city of Luoyang became a center for peony cultivation and remains so today. Now, tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad flock to Luoyang for the annual peony festival to admire the unique beauty of the city's peonies and explore the history of the ancient capital of nine dynasties.

Plum blossom, which originated in southern China, has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years, and tops the list of China’s Top 10 famous flowers. In the middle of winter, colorful plum blossoms facing the wind and snow proudly bloom. In traditional Chinese culture, plum blossom symbolizes strength, purity and elegance, inspiring people to overcome hardships and forge ahead. Since ancient times, many poets and painters have drawn inspiration from the plum blossom and created countless immortal works. The common people also love plum blossoms, which are often used as home decorations during the Spring Festival. The city of Nanjing has designated the plum blossom as the city flower. Every year, the Plum Blossom Festival is held,when tens of thousands of people brave the bitter cold to walk in the snow and appreciate the plum blossoms on Plum Blossom Mountain.

Lotus is one of the best-known flowers in China which people love deeply. Many lakes and ponds in China are suitable for lotus’ growth. Lotus features bright colors, blossoming in the morning and closing in the evening with a long flowering period of two to three months, attracting tourists across the country to appreciate it.   Lotus has a variety of functions, which can not only green waters and beautify courtyards but also purify water, reduce pollution and improve environment. Lotus symbolizes purity and elegance and represents people's noble morals as it does not fear the strong sunshine and keeps clean in the mud. Therefore, the flower has become an important creation theme for poets and painters throughout the Chinese history, and the place where the lotus blooms is also frequented by many photography lovers.
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